The Blue Grass Gem and Mineral Club was founded in 1964 by a group of kindred souls, each with an interest in some aspect of the hobby.  Initially the Club was named “The Blue Grass Rock Club,”  but the word “rock” took on a different meaning over the years, and we had difficulty in explaining that our interest was other than “music.”  In 1980 the Club name was officially changed to “The Bluegrass Gem & Mineral Club of Central Kentucky.  

Club members and prospective members usually are highly interested in one or many of the several aspects of this growing hobby of being a “rockhound.”  The term “rockhound” is usually used to define a person's interest in rocks.  They may be interested in collecting rocks because they are pretty, colorful, have a strange shape or unusual texture, contain minerals, or fossils; may be sawed and polished or they may be tools or ornaments used by the original inhabitants of this continent.  

An avid interest in collecting rocks as a hobby leads to a search for knowledge about the subject in such areas a geography,  geology, mineralogy, crystallography, paleontology and many times leads a rockhound into learning the arts of lapidary, metal working with copper, silver of gold, faceting gem stones or collection merely for display purposes.

Field trips are held every month except December and may involve collecting mineral specimens, artifacts, fossils, and gem stones in the rough.  If winter weather is a factor, we visit museums, public displays or members' collections.  


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