Kentucky Rocks

Kentucky Rocks

July Field Trip & Wire Wrapping Class

by Jane Volk on 07/23/12

July Field Trip - From Joyce Kish
Wire Wrap class July 28th at Kish's cabin
12:00 noon bring a dish to share or chips desert it will be pot luck
I will make sloppy joes.
Bring a chair and a stone to wrap a mid size cab oval cab is best.
Bring wire and or tools if you have them. I will have copper wire at cost. If you want to purchase wire 21 gauge 1/2 hard or dead soft square about three feet depending on the size of the cab. About a foot of 1/2 round wire 21 gauge. This can be purchased from Rio Grande by internet or by mail.

When we were talking about the wire wrapping class Joyce mentioned if you prefer to do rock hunting Skeeter will lead a trip down to the creek for specimens. 
Cabin phone:  Contact Jane for number.

Please call in advance and let us know a few days before the 28th if you are coming  or the cabin number and leave us a message.
See you then---The Kish's

Our New Website

by Jane Volk on 04/06/10

April 6, 2010


The gang at the Blue Grass Gem and Mineral Club (AKA BGGAMC) is very excited to have a new website for the organization.  We had one with another publisher but we just outgrew the capabilites there.  Please take time to look at our new site and see whats going on in the world of rocks, gems, minerals, fossils, and jewelry in central Kentucky. 

In the very near future, April 22 to be exact, the club starts the spring   season with a Kentucky Agate Hunt.  There will be 3 days of agate hunts in the Irvine, KY area led by very knowledgable rockhounds who have a great deal of experience in finding Kentucky agates.  A very special treat this year, one of the leaders has promised that all members of the hunt will go home with KY Agate.  How's he going to do that?  Well he's bringing them for you!!  The hunts are usually at capacity at this time year but if you still want to try to get in on the hunt, here's the website where you can get more information.

Following the KY Agate Hunt and in conjunction with the Mountain Mushroom Festival, the BGGAMC will hold a gem, mineral and jewelry show on April 23 -25.  Part of the draw of this show is that there will be more KY agate for sale and on display than you will be able to believe.  There will be jewelry for sale made from KY agate and some of the vendors are the very same rockhounds that will be on the agate hunts.  The other part of draw of this festival is the Mountain Mushroom (Morel) Festival.  Anyone who has eaten morels sauted in butter will be  anticipating the culinary experience that awaits them.  Come see us at the show.  We'll have club sale tables, BGGAMC T-shirts for sale and membership applications for those who want to join us as Rockhounds in Kentucky.

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