July Field Trip & Wire Wrapping Class : Kentucky Rocks

July Field Trip & Wire Wrapping Class

by Jane Volk on 07/23/12

July Field Trip - From Joyce Kish
Wire Wrap class July 28th at Kish's cabin
12:00 noon bring a dish to share or chips desert it will be pot luck
I will make sloppy joes.
Bring a chair and a stone to wrap a mid size cab oval cab is best.
Bring wire and or tools if you have them. I will have copper wire at cost. If you want to purchase wire 21 gauge 1/2 hard or dead soft square about three feet depending on the size of the cab. About a foot of 1/2 round wire 21 gauge. This can be purchased from Rio Grande by internet or by mail.

When we were talking about the wire wrapping class Joyce mentioned if you prefer to do rock hunting Skeeter will lead a trip down to the creek for specimens. 
Cabin phone:  Contact Jane for number.

Please call in advance and let us know a few days before the 28th if you are coming  or the cabin number and leave us a message.
See you then---The Kish's

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